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You can't miss it. When you drive around town and when you speak to business owners, everyone is hiring. The problem is, no one wants to work. Now the easy answer is to point out that many people were earning more on unemployment than they were working. So let's blame Biden!

It's easier to blame someone else, rather than look in the mirror. Unfortunately, I've seen this problem coming for years. I call it "The Woosification of America". Honestly, what did we think would happen when we raised a whole generation of kids on participation trophies, "teachers are giving too much homework", and opting out of "unfair" standardized tests.

I remember when my son was four taking karate. They were testing for the next belt and my son pouted during the whole test since his sister took his equipment. The instructor gave him his belt anyway. I went up to the instructor with my son and told him to give it back because he didn't earn it. We set up a separate test the next day so he could earn the next belt.

In fourth grade my son brought home an assignment that he did in technology class. The two sheets of paper were all wrinkled and full of misspellings. I said Adam, this needs to be done again. This is unacceptable. He said it was already done, He got an "A". I said really! Adam, said yes, we've been working on this in technology for the last 3 weeks.

My wife and I called the Principal to set up a meeting. Now, we weren't upset with our son, we were upset with the school. How could they think this wrinkled assignment was acceptable? And was this all they accomplished in technology in the last 3 weeks? It looked like 3 minutes.

The principal agreed with everything we were saying, however she said, we were in the minority. Most of the calls she gets from parents is that she's too hard on the students and that there is too much homework. We saw the same issue when many of the parents were telling their kids to opt out of the standardized test. You would see posts on Facebook..."My child has testing anxiety". So then the teachers in the school spent their time filming "Shake it Off" videos to make everyone feel comfortable.

I could go on and on with examples over the last 15 to 20 years about the deterioration of work ethic in this country. It's about integrity. When COVID hit, there were many who went out and busted their ass. Business owners took risks, but that's the American way. Unfortunately, there were too many others who sat home, watched Tiger King, and waited for checks to arrive. It's just my opinion, but I think many of those people are the same people who think participation trophies are a good thing. Trust me business owners, you don't want to hire those people anyway.


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Marc Jablon

Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Writer

Marc Jablon has more than 20 years of business consulting experience which consists of assisting small to mid size businesses in the area of marketing, public relations, and management consulting.  He believes in a customized management and marketing approach to assist his clients in achieving their desired results.
As an entrepreneur, Marc Jablon has been involved in the start up of several businesses across many different industries, including 3D, Wallcovering, Comics and Collectibles, and Travel, among many others.  Marc Jablon is very active in the West Orange Chamber of Commerce. He loves the challenge of helping others with their businesses and the pursuit of the American Dream.




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