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The Woosification of America

I don't know when it started, but at some point in the last few decades we became weak, pathetic, and a Country of whiners. As you'll see in a series of blog posts, the blame needs to be shared by all of us. Democrats, Republicans, parents, and teachers. We have stopped holding ourselves accountable, but instead have resorted to blaming our problems on others.

It all starts with parenting. Parenting is the best place to start because if we want to see real change in our Country, then we must start with our kids. Kids are amazing. Their minds are like sponges and can absorb as much knowledge and skill as parents will permit them to receive.

My wife teaches survival swimming to babies as young as six months. I used to teach children tennis as young as four, and now I'm a youth basketball coach. What's the difference between a three year old swimming the butterfly and a seven year old who's afraid to get in the water? Simple, one parent decided learning how to swim was important at a young age and the other decided their child wasn't ready. I've watched the same thing happen in all aspects of sports and education.

Kids in China are learning their second and third language in pre-school, while here in America, a second language is an elective in Middle School, and no one really seems to care whether or not the kids can actually speak at the end of the course. That's why at the end of the day, this conversation must begin and end with each family and how they choose to raise their kids. Are we going to accept excuses or will we encourage our kids to achieve the same skills that other children are able to develop. The choice is ours.

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Marc Jablon

Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Writer

Marc Jablon has more than 20 years of business consulting experience which consists of assisting small to mid size businesses in the area of marketing, public relations, and management consulting.  He believes in a customized management and marketing approach to assist his clients in achieving their desired results.
As an entrepreneur, Marc Jablon has been involved in the start up of several businesses across many different industries, including 3D, Wallcovering, Comics and Collectibles, and Travel, among many others.  Marc Jablon is very active in the West Orange Chamber of Commerce. He loves the challenge of helping others with their businesses and the pursuit of the American Dream.




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