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I woke up this morning after a comfortable night sleep. Went out to my family room, brewed a cup of coffee, said good morning to my beautiful daughter, and then watched Saturday Night Live. Then I made breakfast for the family and took the dogs for walk as I waved to the neighbors.

While walking on this great Florida Day, perfect weather, and the freedom to do whatever I want, THERE IS ONLY ONE THING I HAVE TO DO. I HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL THE VETERANS WHO HAVE MADE THIS DAY AND EVERYDAY LIKE THIS POSSIBLE. Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your service, and thank you for giving me the freedom I enjoy each and every day.

Finally, I would like to renew my annual request to all our politicians to appropriate proper funding to our Veterans. Let’s not insult them any longer by just giving them lip service. No Veteran should ever have to come home after defending our Country and need to beg for food and money. Regardless of political affiliation, we can all agree, that it is time to honor true sacrifice. Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served America.

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Marc Jablon

Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Writer

Marc Jablon has more than 20 years of business consulting experience which consists of assisting small to mid size businesses in the area of marketing, public relations, and management consulting.  He believes in a customized management and marketing approach to assist his clients in achieving their desired results.
As an entrepreneur, Marc Jablon has been involved in the start up of several businesses across many different industries, including 3D, Wallcovering, Comics and Collectibles, and Travel, among many others.  Marc Jablon is very active in the West Orange Chamber of Commerce. He loves the challenge of helping others with their businesses and the pursuit of the American Dream.




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