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It’s that time of Year when everyone is nursing their Christmas Hangover and thinking about “How things will change in the New Year”. New Year resolutions will include “I’m going to lose weight”, “I’m going to exercise”, “I’m going to make more money”, “I’m going to spend more time with my wife and children” etc…and yet in a few weeks millions of people will break those resolutions.

The reason why most of us fail is we lack discipline. That’s easy to say and hard to admit. In fact a lot of people throw around the word discipline but have no clue what it really means. Discipline is about sacrifice. What are you willing to give up in order to achieve your goals? “Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it.”

That bit of brilliance came from an unlikely source, Mike Tyson. But when you think of the discipline required to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of the World, he’s right. In fact, he would tell you that it was his lack of discipline that led to his dramatic and well documented fall from grace.

When I think of the many small businesses that fail each year, it’s often due to discipline. Many CEOs fail because of their reluctance to do the jobs they hate (like Mike Tyson would say) like they love it. Many CEO’s start their small businesses as they near retirement age and fail to discuss the sacrifices that the whole family may need to make in order for the business to succeed. This often means less family time, or dipping into the retirement account.

I often say that life is a marathon not a sprint. I have broken my fair share of New Year’s resolutions. However, understanding the reasons for success and failure is important so our next attempt at accomplishing our goals will be a success. Each day we make a choice. Are we going to stay focused on our goals or are we going to allow daily distractions to send us on a detour? There are plenty excuses to fail, but we only need one reason to succeed. Have a great New Year and here’s to all your goals and dreams coming true! Enjoy the New Year and if you would like more information about any of our products or services you can follow me on Twitter @askmarcjablon or contact me at

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Marc Jablon

Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Writer

Marc Jablon has more than 20 years of business consulting experience which consists of assisting small to mid size businesses in the area of marketing, public relations, and management consulting.  He believes in a customized management and marketing approach to assist his clients in achieving their desired results.
As an entrepreneur, Marc Jablon has been involved in the start up of several businesses across many different industries, including 3D, Wallcovering, Comics and Collectibles, and Travel, among many others.  Marc Jablon is very active in the West Orange Chamber of Commerce. He loves the challenge of helping others with their businesses and the pursuit of the American Dream.




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